Eyecandy – a Berlin photo duo known for their insanely colorful and bright photography. No matter if people in front of the lense, or objects – those two girls know how
to handle the scene and do their job. Not only they are best friends, but most importantly they are partners. They see everything from different angles. Above all, this is how they complement each other. Always positive and fun, but concentrated about what's really important.
That's Eyecandy

Director DP Edit  JAES
Artists  EYECANDY Fanny Boehme  Juliette Mainx
Creativ Producer  Ju Schnee 
Words  Daniel Stu  Ju Schnee
Voice  LARY 
Sounddesign  Matthias Mueller 
Supernumerary  Nilam Farooq  Philipp Gladsome  Matze Hielscher Tony Futura  SIND